Alcohol Abuse in Asian Countries

Alcohol Abuse in Asian CountriesMany factors have increased alcohol abuse rates in Asia, from changes in economic status and access to alcohol to cultural trends and government policies. These factors have made alcoholism more prevalent in Asian countries, especially over the last several years. These rates differ from country to country: for instance, while alcohol abuse rates remain stable in China, they have increased dramatically in Southeast Asia and Russia over the last decade. Furthermore, when the rates of alcohol abuse have remained stable, it means that millions of Asians fall prey to alcoholism each year. Asians need professional help to ensure that they can get and stay sober for the long haul.

What Factors Affect Asia’s Alcoholism

Geopolitical issues have increased the rates of alcohol abuse in Asian countries, especially the following issues:

  • Poor countries get increased access to wealth and disposable income, which people may spend on alcohol
  • Formerly conservative religious societies, such as those in Africa, are becoming secular
  • Economic problems cause widespread depression and angst
  • Western marketing materials and imaging affect Asian cultures’ interest in alcohol

While drinking rates have declined in the US, they have continually risen throughout much of Asia.

Effects of Asian Alcohol Abuse

As alcohol abuse rates rise in Asian countries, the following problems also increase:

  • Cardiovascular disease rates increase
  • HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease rates increase
  • Tuberculosis rates rise as living conditions deteriorate due to alcohol abuse
  • Mortality rates increase along with alcohol abuse rates

One significant difference between alcohol abuse in the US and in China is the quality of care the US offers through rehab. While recovery programs become more popular in China, rehab programs in the US are far more innovative and effective. This means that most citizens of China or Vietnam lack the kind of rehab programs that people take for granted in the US. Also, treatment can be expensive, and in many cases the price of Asian rehab programs can be cumbersome. These factors make it unlikely for Asians to recover from alcoholism, even though they may desperately need help. If you know someone in Asia who abuses alcohol, she may need help getting and staying in treatment.

Help for Asian Alcoholics

If you or a loved one lives in Asia and needs help overcoming alcoholism, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions counselors can answer any questions you have about alcohol abuse rates and the innovative treatment programs that are currently available. We can help you end your dependence on alcohol, and we can do so with confidentiality, so reach out for help right now.