Alcohol Abuse Rates in Australia

Alcohol Abuse Rates in AustraliaAustralians consume a large volume of alcohol. In 2007, over 90 percent of Australians (aged 14 and older) had consumed alcohol in their lifetime, 40 percent drank alcohol on a weekly basis and 8 percent drank alcohol on a daily basis.

Alcohol is used mostly for social and recreational purpose; dinners, parties, sporting events, happy hours and more and binge drinking is common. While many people across the globe drink alcohol for recreational purposes, Australians practice alcohol-consuming behaviors that are considered high-risk and detrimental to their long-term health. Australians over the age of 65 make up the highest percentage of individuals practicing high-risk alcohol consumption behavior. Risky drinking behaviors are also high in remote or rural areas and among the indigenous

Alcohol Abuse Statistics for Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 15 percent of Australian men (aged 18 and up) practiced alcohol consumption behavior considered a risk to their long-term health. For females, the number was slightly less, with almost 12 percent of the Australian female population engaged in high-risk alcohol consumption activity. Levels considered to be ‘risky’ alcohol consumption for males were consuming 4 or more drinks per day and two or more drinks per day for females.

Alcohol abuse is a huge problem in Australia. Victoria is a small state in the southeast of mainland Australia. Although it is the smallest mainland state, alcohol-related issues cost the Victoria government an average of $4.3 billion a year. These costs include traffic accidents, health problems, criminal activity and occupational problems.

In terms of physical damage, Victoria has seen a frightening increase in alcohol-related emergency room visits. From 2000-2010, alcohol-related emergency room presentations have tripled, hospitalizations increased by 87 percent and alcohol-related violence and crime rates have doubled. While these statistics only represent one of the many states in Australia, these are overwhelmingly high numbers for such a small state. The rest of Australia mirrors these high rates for alcohol abuse, large costs for alcohol-related incidents, and rising rates of alcohol-related hospitalizations, emergency room visits and criminal activity.

Alcohol Recovery Options for Australian Residents

There are several alcohol abuse and addiction treatment centers in Australia, and while treatment rates are higher than ever before, alcohol abuse and addiction treatment services are still greatly under-used.

The treatment available in Australia is diverse with options from inpatient rehab to sober living homes. There are even specialized treatment and recovery centers available to cater to the unique needs of a particular demographic, such as women, athletes, teens, persons with co-occurring disorders and more. Aussies may consider traveling to other regions to find the treatment that best fits their needs. Since alcohol has such a dominant presence in the culture of Australia, finding a treatment and recovery program that offers relapse prevention and aftercare assistance can help individuals maintain their sobriety once they leave treatment and head back home.

Alcohol Abuse or Addiction Treatment for Australian Residents

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