Are My Kids Affected By My Addiction?

Are My Kids Affected By My Addiction?Despite their love for their children many addicts fail to recognize how their addictions affect their kids. Parents who struggle with addiction usually neglected their children’s needs. For kids growing up in single parent homes the effect can be even greater, as the only parent they have is absent even when at home. Moreover the children of addicts are exposed to dangerous substances at a young age and are at an increased risk of suffering from addiction themselves. It is not hard to see how the addiction cycle can continue for generations. For many addicts the decision to get help has just as much to do with the realization that they are hurting their children as it does with the damage they are doing to themselves.

Passing down Addiction to Your Children

Children of addicted parents are more likely to develop an addiction than children of non-addicted parents. Children who watch a parent use drugs or alcohol may grow up to do the same. There are also signs that suggest some people are genetically predisposed to addiction. So, while your addiction certainly affects your children in a variety of harmful ways, your kids may also be at risk for addiction simply because of their genes. If you’re struggling with addiction, or have in the past, thinking of your children now can save them, and their children, a lot of pain and suffering in the future.

Many children live in households where at least one parent suffers from some kind of addiction. The effects on these children will vary, but the one constant is that they are affected in some way. Even physical effects of addiction are not limited to the person using the drug. Your addiction does affect your kids, and by getting help now you are helping them too.

Addiction Help for Parents and Children

Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak with a trained addiction counselor. We can help you get the help you need and assist you in organizing care for your children while you get better. Let us help you, and your family, recover. Call today; begin fighting for yourself and your children right now.