Army Wives and Addiction

Army Wives and AddictionThere are many cases of addiction in the military, both in wives of soldiers and in soldiers themselves. Addiction help is a vital part of restoring normalcy to lives that have already been disrupted. Treatment can also restore a sense of pride and strength to a soldier who has been impacted by addiction.

What Is Behind Addiction in Army Spouses?

The causes of addiction can vary greatly between individuals, but army spouses are at higher risk for the following causes of addiction:

  • Depression as a result of feeling isolated and alone when a spouse has been deployed
  • Frequently moving and leaving behind friends and family members
  • Feeling overwhelmed and overburdened with family responsibilities
  • Anxiety due to constant concern and fear for a spouse serving overseas
  • Financial struggles that can be attributed to a low-income military salary and a rough economy
  • Relationship strain that may be self-medicated with drugs or alcohol

Army Wives Dealing with Addicted Husbands

Army spouses are not the only ones who may be struggling with addiction. Very often the person struggling is an addicted army veteran, or a person still active within the military, who is struggling with issues of their own. The following are reasons veterans may deal with addiction:

  • PTSD
  • To deal with depression and anxiety
  • Feeling isolated and alone when deployed
  • Feeling like they don’t have the complete support of a spouse

If your addicted spouse is in the army and addiction has taken over the lives of everyone in your family, there is no time to waste! Getting professional military addiction help is a vital part of helping your family move on with a life that is much happier, much healthier, and that much more fulfilled.

Professional Help for Army Wives and Addiction

Addiction help could mean the difference between an unhealthy life that you do not recognize, and a life that is filled with the happiness you all deserve. Supporting your addicted spouse is an integral part of the recovery process; helping your addicted army vet or spouse get quality professional treatment is one of the best things that you can do.

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