Avoiding Addiction after Divorce

Avoiding Addiction after DivorceLeaving your spouse is an emotional time. There is the need to move on to a positive and different life, but there is often a sense of guilt accompanying the decision to end an unsuccessful marriage.

Getting Addiction Rehabilitation for an Ex-Wife or Husband

If your soon-to-be ex has a difficult time staying sober, then it is going to be almost impossible for him or her to stay sober during a divorce without the right kind of care. Helping your ex to get into a quality rehab program could make a life-saving difference. Rehab can help your addicted former spouse with some of the following beneficial forms of treatment:

  • Medically supervised detox services to ensure safety, health and overall well-being is maintained during withdrawal
  • Extensive therapies that are custom-tailored to meet unique addiction and lifestyle needs
  • Individual counseling to get to the root cause of addiction so that there is a stronger change for maintaining recovery during and after a divorce
  • Group counseling sessions to help the addict to learn more about addiction from others who have gone through some of the same experiences
  • Family or couples counseling that will help a recovering addict learn how addictive behaviors affect his or her family
  • Counseling to learn what types of triggers set off addictive behaviors and to learn how to avoid and better handle these triggers

A support network is an essential part of the recovery process. You can be a part of your former spouse’s recovery during a divorce, even if you have no desire to repair your broken marriage. Putting aside your feelings of anger, betrayal and disappointment during rehab will help him or her stay sober during a divorce, and it will also help you develop a healthy relationship with a person you once loved or who you continue to love.

Getting Quality Addiction Rehabilitation for a Former Spouse

Getting your former spouse quality addiction rehab care is one of the best things that you can do for him or her. Helping your ex-husband or wife will create a positive place for him or her as a part of a family, especially if you have children. Call our toll-free helpline today. Our compassionate counselors will help you get started, listen to your concerns, answer your questions and provide you with valuable information. We are here to help you and your family, so please call us now.