Dangers of Using Aspirin and Drinking

Dangers of Using Aspirin and DrinkingIt is becoming more widely known that ingesting multiple drugs in the same time period is unwise; however, alcohol and aspirin are two that many may not think of in this way. For those who drink socially or use alcohol just to relax, it may not occur to them that alcohol is as much a drug as the most addictive illegal or prescription substances. Similarly, aspirin is such a common, mild over-the-counter medication that it is difficult to imagine it as a drug and respect it as such. As with any drug combination, though, alcohol and aspirin should not be taken in conjunction since several dangers can arise.

Dangers of Alcohol and Aspirin Together

Both of these drugs slow the blood-clotting process, which is beneficial to patients whose blood clots too easily. However, too much of either drug, especially in conjunction, can lead to a total cessation of blood clotting, putting the user in danger of gastrointestinal bleeding or overbleeding from a small wound. Aspirin abuse alone has ties to kidney malfunction while too much alcohol is famous for leading to liver failure, heart attacks and cancer in various parts of the digestive system. When used together, the effects of both of these drugs are magnified.

Alcohol is also highly addictive the longer an individual drinks it. An individual who abuses alcohol is in increased danger of abusing other drugs as well, especially those that are easy to come by, such as aspirin. The risk of this cannot be overemphasized. An alcohol addict’s mental health is also at risk as heavy drinking impairs one’s judgment, gradually sours one’s mood and harms one’s capacity for memory retention through blackouts. Loved ones of casual drinkers must remain vigilant and ready to bring in professional intervention help if their friend or family member shows signs of having begun to abuse alcohol, knowing what health risks are involved.

How to Find Help for Aspirin and Alcohol Abuse

If you fear that your loved one abuses one or both of the drugs covered in this article, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and point you to treatment programs. We want to help you keep anyone in your life from succumbing to the health risks of mixing drugs. Call us today and let us help you stop an emergency before it happens.