Depending on Alcohol to Solve Your Problems

Depending on Alcohol to Solve Your ProblemsCountless people turn to alcohol to ease the pain in their lives. Some come to it after one devastating event that shatters their worlds, and the only way they can think of to cope is to find a way to forget, if only for a few hours. Other people find their daily grind too boring or stressful, and alcohol serves as their gateway to a more interesting, relaxed time to unwind. But when these people become addicted, alcohol can make their lives worse than they were before.

Damage of Alcohol Abuse

Campaigns against alcohol have been running for years in schools and on public broadcasting, trying to warn people of the dangers that alcohol presents to the body and the mind. However some people never hear these messages or choose to ignore them and end up experiencing the following problems:

  • Deterioration of the liver
  • Inflammation of the digestive tract
  • Failure of the kidneys
  • Blindness
  • Death from toxins in the blood

Not only are these risks present, but alcohol can tamper with the addict’s mind as well. It can impair a drinker’s ability to create and retain memories, mar his moral compass and sour his temper over time until he becomes a numbed, robotic version of the person he used to be. Turning to alcohol for comfort in times of pain or stress is too great a risk for a person to take; the momentary relief is not worth the years of pain that can follow.

Ways to Cope with Pain without Alcohol

Everyone needs help in life, and it takes courage to admit that. The person who turns to alcohol instead of to constructive help is giving in to fear: drinkers think that forgetting their problems for a while will solve them. However, the truth is that drinking generally makes everything worse. Some positive ways to relieve personal trials are as follows:

  • Seek the guidance of a pastor or licensed counselor
  • Confide in trusted friends who can be depended upon to help when they are needed
  • Cutting unnecessary activities from an overloaded schedule
  • Taking up a relaxing hobby (without feeling that it has to produce some tangible gain)

All of these are perfectly acceptable ways to handle trouble, but turning to alcohol is never the answer.

Help Finding Treatment for Alcoholism

If you or your loved one has already fallen prey to the lie that alcohol will solve your problems, our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day to offer hope and assistance. We can point you to treatment that will teach you how to face and conquer the problems in your life. Please call us today as we are ready to help.