Drinking to Cope with Being a Single Mother

Drinking to Cope with Being a Single MotherBeing a parent is a difficult job that requires patience, time, creativity and energy. It can be challenging to handle all of the responsibilities, especially if you are a single mother that does not have support from a partner. While some of these single mothers may turn to alcohol to escape, drinking is not the answer. Alcohol abuse can only detract from one’s ability to be a successful, loving mother.

Alcohol’s Progressive Effects

If you are drinking to cope with being a single mother, you are likely using alcohol to emotionally escape from problems, inhibitions, anxiety and the realities of life. Unfortunately, as you begin to develop a tolerance for alcohol, you may begin to need increasingly large amounts of alcohol to achieve the desired effects.

As you begin to need more alcohol, you may face the risk of starting to drink early in the day and drink more than you intend. This dangerous behavior is not a direct response to your need to cope with being a single mother but is rather a response to your body’s need for increasing amounts of alcohol. With this pattern of increasing use, you may find that you are unable to wake up in the morning and care for your children or focus at work because you have lost control of your alcohol use.

Alcoholic Thoughts and Behaviors

People are often slow to recognize that their lives are being controlled by alcohol, especially single mothers who are trying to raise their children. Alcohol addiction often compels users to ignore the diseases control over their lives through a number of factors, including the following:

  • Denial – When you have been unsuccessful in your attempts to stop drinking, you may feel the need for an emotion that allows you to reconcile with your addiction, such as denial. Even though you may experience hangovers, tremors, temporary memory gaps and sleeping difficulties, addiction often allows users to deny that the alcohol is causing negative symptoms.
  • Isolation – Since alcoholics often want to avoid experiencing the shame that they feel when other people call attention to their addiction, you may begin to avoid friends and family members. Single mothers often have requirements to interact with teachers, day care providers and other parents but they may start to reduce these interactions because of the shame.
  • Justification – Alcohol abuse may cause users to start to neglect their responsibilities. Single mothers who struggle with alcoholism may begin to do the minimum to take care of their children. Taking time to have fun with your kids may no longer be of interest, and you may justify this by saying you are too busy and have too many obligations.

Finding Help for Single Mothers with Alcohol Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol abuse as a single mother, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about how drinking to cope with being a single mother can affect your life and your family’s life. It can be overwhelming to be a single parent, and adding addiction to the equation only makes the situation worse. We can help connect you with the best treatment solutions for you. Please call now.