Drug Abuse and Holiday Parties

Drug Abuse and Holiday PartiesThe holiday season often kicks off right around Halloween, and so do the many parties that come along with it. For many people, the holiday season is flooded with numerous different social events, including both personal and professional parties. Between Halloween and New Years, there are countless opportunities to get together with loved ones. In many cases, this can be a stressful time for a number of different reasons.

Drug abuse is not only common around the holidays, but also at holiday parties. Some individuals use drugs at these events because they are pressured to do so by others. However, some of the most common causes of drug abuse at holiday parties include the following:

  • Attempting to have fun – For some people, going to parties without getting high is not an option. They might feel like they are unable to enjoy themselves or the presence of others without using, making them more likely to turn to drugs when at a holiday party.
  • Avoiding depression – There is no doubt that the holiday season makes many people feel lonely, sad, and overall depressed. To avoid feeling that way while at holiday parties, individuals might use drugs to wash away their sad emotions in hopes of having a good time instead.
  • Encouraging social interaction – Many people struggle with social interactions and often feel uncomfortable when in the presence of others. To keep from feeling awkward, it is common for those who use drugs to do so at holiday parties. This can help provide them with the confidence they need to get through a holiday party successfully.

Holiday parties can encourage drug use, especially if individuals believe they are unable to have fun without using, are trying to avoid feeling sad around the holidays, or feel as though they need drugs to improve their social abilities.

Avoiding Drug Use at Parties

Since there are so many reasons why people might use drugs at holiday parties, it is important to always have a plan to avoid using. This can include hosting a party at your own home so that you are comfortable and know what to expect. In addition, bringing a close friend or loved one with you to a holiday party can be a good support system.

Do You Need Treatment for Drug Abuse?

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