Family Stress as an Excuse for Drinking

Family Stress as an Excuse for DrinkingThose we should or do love the most can also be the ones who cause us the most stress. Some turn to the abuse of alcohol as a means of self-medicating their stress away, but there are ways to cope with family stress in a health manner. Learning effective coping mechanisms for dealing with family stress as a part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program can help you maintain a long-term sobriety.

Are You an Alcoholic?

If you reach for a drink when family stress gets to be overwhelming, you may think that using alcohol as a means of coping doesn’t mean that you’re addicted. A brief look at some of the signs of alcoholism can help you to recognize addictive behaviors. These signs include the following:

  • Drinking prior to spending time at social and family gatherings
  • Needing a drink to “steady nerves” or to “cope better” with family stress
  • Hiding drinking behavior from friends and family members
  • Damaged relationships with family and friends who have started to notice the negative effects of alcoholism
  • Feelings of shame or remorse after going on a drinking binge
  • Memory loss and blackouts
  • An increasing need to drink alcohol
  • On the job problems that may lead to the loss of a job

If you recognize any of the signs of alcoholism in yourself, seek out professional advice and treatment so that you can learn healthier methods of coping with family stress.

Learning Important Coping Skills to Avoid Alcohol and Manage Stress

Understanding the connection between family stress and alcohol abuse can help you with the process of addiction recovery. When you spend time in a quality alcohol rehab program, you will undergo a medically supervised alcohol detox program, and you will go through extensive therapy that will allow you to learn healthier coping skills. Quality alcohol rehab facilities are staffed by skilled and knowledgeable staff members that can walk you through the steps of addiction recovery.

Alcoholism negatively impacts how families live and interact. If you have noticed changes in a loved one, consider staging a family intervention. An intervention can be the first step toward helping an alcoholic achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Stop Using Stress as an Excuse for Drinking

Call our alcoholism helpline to speak in complete confidence with one of our compassionate counselors. Our counselors will help you recognize the signs of alcoholism in yourself or a family member and can offer resources and solutions for ending stress and alcohol abuse. We can help you with every stage of recovery planning from finding treatment to arranging insurance coverage and finding aftercare resources. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now.