Getting Sober for Your Kids

Getting Sober for Your KidsMany people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can overlook the effects that their addictions have on the other people, including family, friends and, particularly, kids. Sadly, some people find themselves at a low point in their lives, so much so that they have stopped caring about themselves. For those people, the health and security of their children can be a motivation to get well. In other cases, a person might be a functional alcoholic. That is, a person who does indeed have a problem with alcohol abuse but manages to carry on at work and in most areas of life without much interruption. For these people, it may seem like there isn’t much reason to stop drinking. But the effect on one’s children is still there. Alcohol and drugs can damage the relationship parents have with their children in a variety of ways, but sobriety can help repair any damage.

How Addiction Affects Your Kids

There is no doubt that alcohol addiction and substance abuse have an effect on children. Whether it is through physical, verbal and emotional abuse at its worst, or simply a bad example at best, children’s lives are impacted greatly by the decisions their parents make. The Center on Addiction and the Family states that, many times, children of addicts will blame themselves for their parents’ addiction, resulting in self-esteem and behavior struggles among those children. Furthermore, children of addicts are much more likely to become addicts themselves. Sometimes this is due to environmental factors – that is, the surroundings the child grows up in, often with drugs and alcohol in the home. In other cases, children are born with a predisposition to addiction, which can be a result of parental addiction and is certainly exacerbated by it.

How Alcoholism Treatment Helps Families

Just because addiction has driven a wedge into your family and perhaps between you and your children, doesn’t mean you can’t make things better. Getting sober for your kids and for yourself can begin to repair years of damage. Alcohol and drug use removes people from reality, which includes their family and children. Getting sober will give you the chance to return to your family. Your children are innocent victims of your struggle with addiction. By asking for help and getting treatment, you can help them recover as well.

Alcoholism Treatment for Parents

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and want to get sober for your kids, call our toll-free helpline today. Trained addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to speak with you and answer your questions. Your children don’t have to be sucked into the downward spiral of addiction. By getting help for yourself, you’ll be helping them as well. Call today.