Hiding Addiction from Your Children

Hiding Addiction from Your ChildrenChildren are smart. They are often a lot smarter than the adults in their lives give them credit for. Even if you have done your utmost to hide your addiction from your children, it is likely that at least one of your kids knows that you are living with an addiction. The way in which you get help and move forward from addiction can impact your children and your relationships with them.

Talking to Your Kids about Addiction

Take time to talk to your children when you are entering a residential rehab program. Sitting down with them for an open conversation has benefits such as the following:

  • Talking to kids about addiction rehab provides you with an opportunity to listen to and answer their addiction and rehab questions
  • Removing the mystery and fear surrounding impatient rehab programs and the addiction recovery process will give your kids a better idea as to what can be expected
  • Talking to your kids about addiction will open up a dialogue about your hopes for a better future
  • Talking openly with children can remove their confusion and misconceptions

Whether you will be attending an inpatient or outpatient rehab, getting the conversation started is an important part of maintaining a positive relationship with your children.

Single Parent Addiction Recovery

Addiction rehab may require time away from children who have no other parent to step in and help out. Many parents are conflicted about what to do with kids during rehab. Options for making sure your kids and happy and healthy during your rehab stay include the following:

  • Outpatient rehab treatment provides the addiction treatment parents need while allowing them to maintain a role in their children’s lives
  • Asking a close friend or family member to care for your children while you are receiving quality professional help can give you the opportunity to focus fully on your addiction recovery
  • Social service options are available for single parents who need somewhere safe for their children to stay

No one likes to think of their children in group homes or in the foster care system, but social service personnel are more than willing to work with you and your situation. Drug and alcohol treatment and parents who are actively getting help for addiction reflects highly with children’s services. Getting addiction treatment voluntarily is a positive parenting step.

End the Secrecy and Get Addiction Help

If you are looking for guidance about talking to kids about addiction or are concerned about how to become a better and sober parent, please give us a call. Calls to our addiction helpline are toll free and held in the strictest of confidences. We will work with you to find a drug treatment program that works for you and meets the needs of your whole family.