How Cost and Availability Influence Alcohol Use

How Cost and Availability Influence Alcohol UseAlcohol is the most widely abused and readily available substance, and it can damage users emotionally, physically and psychologically. One of the main reasons for its abuse rate is that it is a legal substance to purchase and consume. While most countries have age restrictions for purchasing alcohol, minors can still obtain it easily through someone who meets the age requirement. Furthermore, some countries have no age requirement for purchasing alcohol, or they have much lower age requirements than the US does. Alcohol can be purchased in a wide variety of businesses and in varying levels of pure alcohol content. Despite these issues, many people still abuse alcohol, so seek help if you struggle with alcoholism.

Who Abuses Alcohol?

Certain groups abuse alcohol for unique reasons, including the following groups and their motivations:

  • High school students often experiment with new experiences, including alcohol abuse. They may abuse it at parties and purchase it through older siblings or parents who meet the age requirements. High school students often use alcohol to have a good time and forget about the worries of school and their future, or it may result from peer pressure.
  • College students typically abuse alcohol more heavily than high school students do. Alcohol abuse rates among college students commonly results from newfound independence from the authority of parents and also meeting the age requirement to purchase alcohol. Alcohol is often used at college for weekly and sometimes daily parties with friends.
  • Retirees – People who have retired from work may let loose during retirement. For instance, retirees may consume large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis. Alcohol abuse among retirees is often a result of not having healthier hobbies or friends and family to spend time with.

Alcohol is one of the cheapest substances to obtain, which majorly contributes to consumption and abuse rates. Many people choose to abuse alcohol over other substances due to its cheap price and ease of access. Alcohol can be consumed through beer, wine and other harder liquors. One of the more common methods of use is consuming hard liquor due its higher potency. Small amounts of hard liquor consumption can allow people to reach intoxication and drunkenness at quicker rates. Seeking out professional treatment at a licensed rehab facility will provide the best recovery results.

Help Finding Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol addiction, then call our toll-free helpline right now for professional help. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to help you find a treatment program that will work for you. Overcome your addiction by calling us today.