How Does Fame Influence Drug Abuse?

How Does Fame Influence Drug Abuse?From the outside, fame might look like a solution to every normal problem. But, while popular admiration and big paydays are powerful assets, famous people have problems, too. The many stories of celebrities abusing drugs, which play out in public forums, indicate that addiction may be even worse for those who live in the public eye. Factors which push celebrities toward drug abuse can come from many aspects of fame, but professional treatment can help anyone overcome drug abuse.

Why Drugs Are More Available to Famous People

Despite all of the hard times drugs and alcohol cause, substance abuse is still associated with having a good time. While all kinds of people suffer from parties saturated with drugs, famous people attend more than their share of parties. If they like a substance they try at a party, it is usually easy for famous people to get more of it. Most of them have plenty of the money and connections are needed to get illegal substances.

How Addiction Affects a Famous Person’s Career

When compared to more common occupations, the careers of famous people usually offer more incentive to abuse drugs, and fewer protections against it. Working in sports, entertainment, politics or arts comes with a lot of stress, so meeting expectations depends upon continually succeeding at new projects. Outside factors, such as public opinion and judgment, are important to a famous person’s success, but drug and alcohol abuse can temporarily relieve the inherent stress.

Although drug abuse can and does damage the careers of famous people, this kind of feedback can be develop slowly. For example, while showing up at work late or under the influence may prompt some intervention into most people’s drug abuse, the rare talents and unique value of a famous person can instead prompt indulgence. Movie producers might accept minor delays caused by drug abuse rather than reshoot a whole movie with a new star.

How Drugs Affect Famous People’s Personal Relationships

Famous people rely on a retinue of people to help them with both personal and professional aspects of life. But, unlike the friends, family and coworkers most people surround themselves with, these people are usually on the famous person’s payroll in one way or another. These people need the famous person to keep up with the work that generates the money that pays their salaries. As a result, some people around famous people may want to provide drugs to keep their employer functioning.

How Drugs Affect Famous People Psychologically

The following characteristics may encourage famous people to abuse drugs:

  • Thrill seeking – Drugs may provide excitement similar to that of performing for a crowd
  • Emotional sensitivity – Strong emotions can be an asset for an actor or musician, but drugs may also be used to blunt pain
  • Narcissism – People with this personality disorder continually seek outside approval to counteract internal feelings of inadequacy, but drugs can also be used to calm fears

Others become famous simply as a result of the work they do. For them, being a topic of inquiry, curiosity, discussion and criticism can create a lot of stress. Substance abuse aimed at relieving that stress can develop into addiction.

Addiction Recovery for Celebrities

Celebrities can recover from drug abuse when they decide to make a change and seek help. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, then call our 24 hour helpline to discuss treatment options. The call is toll free, so seek help now to recover.