How Getting Sober Can Change Your Life

Getting sober can change your life.Some women seem to have perfect lives. They always seem to have happy children, happy homes, nice cars and everything they need. When you are struggling with addiction, the “perfect” life can seem so far out of reach. Sometimes even “just ok” would be a nice change! When things seem hopeless, there is a way out you may not have planned on. If you have not considered rehab before, take a moment to see how rehab can bring you closer to the life you always wanted. Getting sober will change your life.

You Can Rebuild and Strengthen Your Family

Women are often the primary caregivers—the mothers, sisters, daughters and friends that keep family together. Addiction is a cycle that affects the entire family and tears it apart. Things may seem hopeless at this time, but a reputable, quality rehab facility will help. Many rehab facilities now offer family education and family outreach. Your family can have a new beginning.

You Can Stay Younger Longer

The sooner you quit drugs and alcohol, the more you can save your youth. For instance, a single beer, on average, has over 150 calories—and all of those extra calories can lead to weight gain that leads to heart disease and diabetes. Other drugs, such as marijuana, take their toll as well. A December 2007 issue of American Chemical Society’s journal Chemical Research in Toxicology found that pot smoke contains ammonia levels that are twenty times greater than in cigarette smoke. Pot also contains the dangerous chemicals nitric oxide, amines, and hydrogen cyanide. All of those chemicals age the cells in your body and cause your face in particular to age more rapidly.*

Street drugs like heroin and cocaine can lead to unhealthy weight loss, heart attack, stroke, permanent brain damage, lung damage and renal failure. Prescription drugs like opiate painkillers are not much better when taken incorrectly. The best thing you can do to save your health and your appearance is to stop taking drugs and alcohol immediately.

You Can Achieve Things You Always Wanted

We all have hopes and dreams. Addiction stops those dreams dead in their tracks. Even if you made mistakes in life, you can recover. You may even discover new dreams and goals along the way. Many successful professionals and caregivers have overcome addiction. Most of those people will tell you that after beating addiction, everything else seemed a little bit easier. Battling addiction isn’t easy, but it is possible with the right help.

Help to Get Sober and Make a Change

Big life changes start with small steps. We offer a 24 hour toll-free helpline that is completely confidential to help get you on your way to recovery. When you call our number, you will be connected with an experienced counselor who will take the time to get to know you as a person and help put you in touch with the best treatment available. You owe it to yourself and those you love to learn more. Call today.

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