How Has Alcohol Addiction Touched the Women in Your Life?

How Has Alcohol Addiction Touched the Women in Your Life?Alcoholism impacts people tremendously, from her health and well-being to her personal relationships. Many aspects of a user’s life suffer great damage, some even irreversibly so. What may not be as obvious is how it affects the women in the lives of those users, and how alcoholism can jeopardize the many different roles a woman plays.

Impacts of alcohol addiction on women

Alcoholism affects women in different ways, so the following list outlines so possible consequences women may suffer from someone else’s alcoholism:

  • Mothers of alcoholics often experience the brunt of abuse, as the relationship of a mother and child is generally the most important relationship either one will have. With this being said, mothers may be in difficult positions as a result of alcohol addiction as they are forced to stop aiding their child financially (by providing shelter, food and etc.) as a means of showing where they stand on the addiction. They also experience great sadness and frustration as they witness their child struggle.
  • The wives or girlfriends of those battling an alcohol addiction go through the battle with their partner each moment of every day, as they generally share a home and a life together. The woman can begin to feel burdened around the household, as the user usually does not participate in the upkeep of the house. If children are involved, a woman might also feel like she is parenting alone because her significant other is emotionally detached.
  • Many people have women bosses, as well as women who are coworkers. These women can begin to feel that their workload is being doubled as an alcoholic coworker is slacking. Women bosses may be put in uncomfortable positions where more in-depth conversations need to be had with a user to determine if he is capable of continuing on with his job title.
  • Other women who are usually involved in a person’s life include sisters, cousins and friends. A user may begin to neglect loved ones as the addiction grows deeper, leaving close female companions to feel resentment and anger towards the user. These women can begin to feel abandoned and as if their loved one is no longer there for them. This lack of support deeply affects women, as many of them enjoy the support of others as they go through life.

Women will experience a great deal of emotions when tied to a person who is on a path of destruction. Some women want to help, care for and provide a better means of living for someone who is in need of it, which will pressure them to pick up the slack for their alcoholic loved one. This can be like putting a hand to the flame, as alcohol addiction can severely affect others’ personal lives as well as the life of the alcoholic loved one.

Help for Women with Alcoholism

We know how painful it can be to watch a loved one struggle with alcohol addiction. Therefore, do not wait one more day to get the help you need. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline right now for instant support from telephone counselors who can talk with you about your struggles, alcoholism and rehab centers.