How to Get Sober Before Your Baby Arrives

How to get sober before your baby arrivesExpecting a new baby is a wonderful time in your life. It is also overwhelming and frightening. As an expectant parent you want nothing more than to provide a safe, stable and healthy home for your new little one. If you are pregnant and addicted, your sobriety is crucial for the safety of your newborn. If you are about to be a dad, your sobriety is a must in order for you to be the strong role model and support system that both your partner and you child need you to be. If you are an expectant mother, your child’s physical health and emotional wellbeing rely on your sobriety. There are wonderful addiction rehab choices available for expectant parents.

Why Addiction Rehabilitation for Parents Is Vital

The following are reasons that addiction rehab for expectant dads and moms is an important step prior to the arrival of a new family member:

  • The health of your baby. Being pregnant and addicted is highly risky for the life of your unborn child. Not only are you putting your child at risk of being born with birth defects or of being born prematurely with un-matured lungs, but you are also putting your little one at risk of being born with an addiction. Dads, while your addiction might not directly influence your child while he or she is still in the womb, consider the state you will be in when your baby is born. Will you be physically and mentally healthy enough to care for a delicate newborn?
  • The future of your baby. If you are an addicted new father, you will spend more time focusing on your addiction than caring for and planning the future of your child.
  • The expense of a baby. The costs associated with being a parent quickly add up. An addicted new father or new mother is going to be much more interested in spending money on their addiction versus caring for their baby.

Unless you enter a rehab program for expectant parents, you face the very real risk that social services could intervene and remove your child from your custody. This could occur in the hospital or even a few weeks after your newborn has been home with you. Ensure the safety and the future of your child by entering into a rehab program for expectant dads and moms.

Get the Addiction Rehabilitation Help You Need to Be the Best Parent

If you are considering entering into rehab for new fathers or expectant mothers, don’t delay seeking the help you need. Be a parent that your child will be proud of and have respect for by getting the rehab help you need today. If you have questions about what rehab involves or how you can find it, call our toll-free helpline. Our compassionate and knowledgeable counselors will guide you towards making the best decision for yourself and your family. Your baby deserves clean and sober parents. Let us help.