How Your Child’s Behavior Reflects Your Addiction

How Your Child's Behavior Reflects Your AddictionThe effects of addiction are far reaching. Perhaps the harshest effect that any parent can see will be the change in their children’s behaviors. Children of addicted parents are also at risk of becoming addicted themselves as adults.

How Addiction Affects Children

If a child has felt the effects of addiction from a parent, there is a good chance that she has started acting out. While each child and family situation is different, many children who live with an addicted parent display some of the following characteristics:

  • Anger and rage
  • Violence
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Falling behind at school
  • Withdrawing into themselves
  • Refusing to listen to instructions
  • Acting out and attention-seeking behaviors
  • Running away (especially seen in older children)

Many children, even those who are older, often have some form of behavior regression that indicates they are unable to process the events around them. Some parents might feel stressed about their child’s behaviors; stress that leads to further addictive behaviors. Therefore, you need help as soon as possible.

When parents receive addiction treatment, they will to not only how to cope with their children’s behavioral problems, but through family addiction counseling the process of healing can begin for all family members.

Benefits of Addiction Rehabilitation for Parents

Quality treatment is an integral part of rebuilding your family. Addiction can create an incredibly unstable and unhealthy home in which to raise children; their behaviors will reflect this. Talking to kids about addiction rehab can present several challenges, especially if your children are already feeling uncertain about their environment. Treatment goes beyond learning the steps of sobriety and effective coping skills; it also involves learning how to be the strong parental role model that your children need in their lives.

Addiction Treatment for Parents

To find an addiction rehab program that will help the relationship you have with your kids, please give us a call. Calls are toll free to our 24 hour helpline, and our counselors will handle your call in the strictest of confidences. Quality addiction treatment will get you started on the right path of sobriety while also helping you to learn the most effective methods of parenting your children. Don’t delay getting quality addiction help; call us today.