Is Drinking Absinthe Dangerous?

Is Drinking Absinthe Dangerous?Absinthe is a distilled beverage that is high in alcohol content. This green-colored drink contains aniseed and fennel, as well as wormwood, which contains the chemical thujone. In the past, the thujone found in the wormwood of absinthe was rumored to cause psychedelic experiences. This is now believed to be a myth, with these side effects being related instead to previously existing mental illnesses and/or additional psychological problems found in users. The highly alcoholic beverage has now been banned in the United States because side effects are unknown, and thujone can have toxic effects when consumed in large doses.

How Drinking Absinthe Can Be Dangerous

While small, controlled amounts of absinthe are not believed to cause any psychological side effects or physical damage to a user, there are still dangers associated with the consumption of this specific alcoholic beverage. These dangers can include the following:

  • Alcohol poisoning – While many people are more concerned about the levels of thujone in absinthe, it is important for users to understand that it is more likely for them to develop alcohol poisoning than it is to suffer the neurological effects of thujone. Because this beverage is incredibly potent, a user can easily drink more than his liver can handle, leading to alcohol poisoning, which can be deadly.
  • Liver damage – Using absinthe on a regular basis is extremely bad for a user’s health, as it can range from 110-144 proof. This high of a proof means that the pure alcohol content is increased, which can put a user’s body at risk for incurring damage. Continued use can lead to liver damage such as cirrhosis or liver failure.
  • Personal issues – Absinthe, like other alcoholic beverages, can produce relaxing effects and has a high potential to cause addiction. Abusing this beverage can not only lead to physical damage, but can also cause personal issues at work, home, and amongst friends. These issues can include lack of communication, failure to act responsibly, social withdrawal, and more.

Between the possibility of alcohol poisoning, development of liver damage and the risk of causing harm to their personal lives, those who choose to use absinthe can begin to suffer the consequences of the many dangers associated with the beverage.

How Treatment Can Help

Absinthe and other high potency liquors can heighten the risk of alcoholism to a point where the dangers associated with use can begin occurring at a quicker pace. Therefore, it is important for users to get help to stop using. Through engaging in individual and group therapy, people who are abusing absinthe can begin adopting new coping skills designed to keep them from using this drink and other drugs or alcohol as a means of coping again. Not only will treatment help prevent the continuation of this abuse, but it will also save a user from experiencing the many dangers associated with the use of absinthe.

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