Life Change and Addiction

Life Change and AddictionLife is full of sudden and traumatic events that affect individuals in various ways.  Death, unemployment, and health concerns can all trigger adverse reactions that can lead those with addictive issues to abuse substances.  One of the most significant life changes that can lead to issues regarding substance abuse is divorce.  The ending of the most significant relationship in a person’s life brings many unforeseen repercussions, including financial and social consequences.  This can set the stage for an unfortunate spiral into addiction.

Divorce and Addiction

Divorce is a significant life change. It involves separation and rejection, which is sometimes mutual, but many times not. This can lead to the desire to escape from feelings of worthlessness and the realities of the dissolution of the union.  Using various drugs and substances can seem like the easiest way to escape from the experience.

Divorce brings with it depression, anger, sadness, and regret.  Seeking counseling or support groups, such as Divorce Care, can be a solution.  Unfortunately, seeking to self-medicate through drug abuse is an issue. Divorced adults tend to abuse substances more than married ones.  In some cases, adults are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol if married.

Life Changes and Substance Abuse

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), divorce dramatically increases the risk for dangerous dependence on substances.  It can accompany other symptoms and even exacerbate them.  Depression and substance abuse can be a dangerous combination that leads to issues beyond divorce.

Substance abuse can increase adjustment disorders following a divorce.  The newness of being apart from a partner can be challenging and painful, so many choose drugs and alcohol to avoid the reality.  This can lead to poor decision-making. This can also lead to many difficult and disastrous issues, such as loss of custody, unemployment, and other factors that can lead to further substance abuse.

Life Changes and Treatment

The best choice is to seek support and counseling during the process, as well as in the aftermath.  Seeking others who have experienced divorce and can relate and offer support will allow one to avoid many pitfalls that are associated with divorce.  Support systems and accountability partners can increase one’s chances of successfully and healthily transitioning to the next season of life.

Addiction Help

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