Losing Kids to Foster Care Because of Alcohol

Losing Kids to Foster Care Because of AlcoholHas alcohol cost you the most important people in your life? If you are in danger of losing your kids to the foster care system or your children are already in foster care, it is time to take action and help save your family.

Parents and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction in parents is a serious problem. Alcohol addiction is a disease, and it can change the way your brain functions over time. Constant alcohol consumption will cause you to feel withdrawal symptoms when you can’t drink. Headaches, stomach problems, irritability and even shaking hands and dizziness are all signs that alcohol has begun to affect your body in serious ways. Once alcohol becomes a big part of your life, it begins to take over everything. The effects of addiction are far reaching, as alcoholism can destroy your happiness, your health and your career, and it can devastate your children. You can get your kids back with the right plan.

Do What You Must Do to Keep Your Children Out of Foster Care and in Your Home

Commit to the process of saving your family. You must decide that this is what you truly want and that you are willing to do what it takes to keep your children. It is difficult to admit that there is a more serious problem at hand, and sometimes it can be embarrassing to admit that you have a problem with alcohol. You will find that you feel much better once you have made the decision to help your kids and yourself get back on track. Making the decision to commit to this process is half the battle.

Work with Your Case Worker, and Work With the Courts

Unfortunately if a social worker is already involved in your situation, you must comply with whatever court order is issued. Be sure to keep every court appearance, show up on time and work with your judge. Keep all scheduled visits with your children that you can keep. Take time to take care of yourself. This is your opportunity to show your ability to fix this situation. This will be a difficult time, but you can do this. We can help.

Find Quality Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

The very best way to get your life back on track is to seek the right alcohol treatment. If alcohol abuse has cost you the children you love, you want to find treatment that is designed to uncover the causes behind your drinking and help you get back on track quickly. Consider an integrated rehab program. Integrated treatment is a new type of addiction treatment that offers both substance abuse rehab and mental health treatment. Because integrated treatment works to uncover and treat the issues behind addiction such as depression, traumatic experiences, anxiety or bipolar disorder, it targets both addiction behaviors and the underlying causes of relapse. Combined with ongoing support and assistance, integrated rehab and detox programs can help you get your life back in order.

We Can Help You Keep Your Kids and Overcome Alcohol Abuse or Addiction

We can match you to a treatment program that meets your needs and your budget. We can even help you arrange coverage for treatment under your insurance provider. We can provide you with the evidence you need to show that you are making a good-faith effort to do everything you can to bring your children back into your life. Help yourself and those you love. Call our toll-free helpline now.