Miscarriage and Alcohol Addiction

Miscarriage and Alcohol AddictionAlcohol and pregnancy do not mix. In the first trimester the risk of miscarriage is significantly increased with even moderate alcohol use. Regular drinking throughout pregnancy also increases the likelihood of a child being born dead or having any of a number of physical deformities classified as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Even heavy alcohol use in males increases the likelihood of miscarriage. Whenever a couple decides that they want to have a baby, they should evaluate their use of alcohol should and possibly discontinue drinking altogether. For alcoholics this is much more difficult than it sounds, but it is possible with help.

How Alcoholism Affects Parenting

In addition to the increased likelihood of miscarriage or birth defects, alcohol addiction complicates parenthood in the following ways:

  • The ability to be present and engaged with your baby is greatly reduced by alcohol
  • Children of active alcoholics are much more likely to become alcoholics themselves
  • Parental relationships are often challenged and frequently broken by alcohol dependency
  • Alcoholism is a degenerative disease; as you continue without treatment your situation becomes more and more dire
  • Alcoholics are much more likely to make bad parenting choices or to neglect their children

How to Get Clean and Prepare for Parenthood

Alcohol addiction is a complicated and powerful disease. It establishes both physical and psychological dependency in the addict. Though it may seem that the most serious part of alcoholism is the withdrawal symptoms, it is actually the psychological effect of addiction that gives alcoholism its real strength. In order to achieve lasting recovery, alcoholics must have their addictions treated holistically, including any and all co-occurring psychological disorders.

The most effective treatment is often inpatient rehab. These programs employ a specially qualified staff at accredited facilities, which helps them all overcome the specific nuances of alcoholism. These programs offer an array of therapeutic tools including the following:

  • Medically supervised detox (especially important for alcoholics who are pregnant)
  • Individual counseling and diagnosis of co-occurring conditions
  • Support group meetings and empowering recovery classes
  • Spiritual care and introduction to centering, coping and relaxation techniques
  • Specific preparation for healthy and effective parenting

Alcoholism Help for Mothers

If you are pregnant and addicted it is absolutely imperative that you stop drinking right away. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline any time and let our addiction experts talk with you about parenting, alcoholism and recovery. You owe it to your baby, and to yourself, to get and stay clean. If you are considering getting pregnant please call as well.

Raising a child is a challenge even when the parents are sober. Alcoholism practically renders your odds of successful child rearing to zero. Call today and let us help you get clean and to prepare yourself for parenthood. Our helpline is always open and the call is confidential and free. Having a baby is a beautiful and life-changing experience. Make sure your baby has a real shot at a healthy life. Call today.