Natural Recovery Models for Alcohol Treatment

Natural Recovery Models for Alcohol TreatmentPeople drink alcohol to feel better. But for alcoholics, taking a drink isn’t just one way to feel better, it’s the only way. However, as alcohol begins to damage their health and relationships, even drinking can’t make alcoholics feel good anymore, but stopping drinking makes them feel even worse.

Many treatment programs use methods of holistic healing at every stage of recovery to help their clients feel good again without drinking. Holistic treatment is a category of care that covers dozens of remedies and practices. They come from traditions that originate from around the globe. They share an emphasis on healing and strengthening a person’s complete experience of living through natural and non-medical means.

Holistic Treatment during Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification is the rocky beginning to every alcoholic’s recovery. There are medical remedies to help with the most dangerous symptoms of alcohol withdrawal (like high fever, seizures and a racing heart rate), but other unpleasant symptoms remain, like nausea, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, sweating and uncontrolled shaking.

Some holistic remedies that detox centers can offer to help alleviate the alcoholic’s suffering include:

  • Biofeedback and visualization – Headaches and other physical pains can be reduced through simple techniques of concentration and imagination.
  • Whirlpool treatment – A lukewarm or even slightly cool bath can ease fevers
  • Nutrition – Drinking weak teas and water helps to maintain hydration and also helps with fever. Eating the right foods on a precise schedule can also help to keep some nourishment in the stomach despite feelings of nausea.
  • Hypnosis – Insomnia can sometimes be overcome using the power of suggestion.

These and other natural methods can help alcoholics through the often painful ordeal of detox.

Holistic Treatment during Alcoholism Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation after detox is the time in which alcoholics are able to address the mental and behavioral patterns and problems that have led them to abuse alcohol again and again. There are many holistic remedies that help alcoholics to explore their conditions and remake their habits, including the following:

  • Journal writing – Keeping a record of experiences during rehab helps to focus on the daily work being done. It also creates a record of the struggles for sobriety that can be read later for inspiration or encouragement.
  • Music and art therapy – Painting pictures or making music gives alcoholics outlets for expression and can help them explore unresolved emotions.
  • Imagery – Alcoholics can practice avoiding drinking in tempting situations through a guided process of imagining a difficult situation and a positive response.

These mental exercises help develop the strength, skill and wisdom that will be needed to live a sober life.

Holistic Approaches to Long-Term Recovery

Some holistic treatments can become life-long practices for alcoholics in recovery, including:

  • Meditation – Ongoing negative chatter in the mind can be a source of frustration, even temptation, for many alcoholics. Meditation is a way to still the mind and keep it from derailing their progress.
  • Exercise – Regular workouts can help repair some of the damage done to the body by an alcoholic lifestyle. It also releases hormones in the brain that naturally make us feel good.
  • Animal therapy – Owning a pet means always having a loyal friend and forces an addict to be responsible for and accountable to another living being.

People will find different remedies that work for them. Alcoholics will be helped on their journeys by any natural and healthy holistic remedy that makes them feel good and manage stress without using alcohol.

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