Rehab for Parents of Young Children

Rehab for parents with young childrenAddiction is a powerful force that doesn’t care if you have a family to support, if you are needed, or if you have dreams and a life you want to live. Addiction only cares about one thing: the fix. Addiction drives caring parents and family members to do things they would never normally do, such as ignore children, ignore obligations and forget how to have real fun without the addictive substance.

Perhaps it is time to break free from addiction. But if you have young children, you may be worried about leaving them for a period of time or supporting them while you are away. You are not alone. Each year, thousands of parents make the responsible and admirable choice to seek treatment. You can too.

You Cannot Hide Addiction from Children

Even the youngest children know when a parent is not acting normally. Children are intuitive and can tell when a parent is inebriated or experiencing withdrawal. As children, we are hardwired to observe our parents and investigate our parent’s activities. Even in the first months of life, babies are aware that their lives depend on their parents. When parents act in unusual ways, this is disturbing to children of any age.

When other adults are focused on the parent with addiction, they can forget about the children involved. Often, children do not know how to express their feelings or talk about their worries. Common expressions of anxiety or grief are acted out through violent play, angry outbursts, crying spells or other misbehaviors. Even when children don’t witness substance abuse firsthand, they are aware that something is wrong in the household.

Going to Rehab Is Temporary, A Life of Wellness Is Forever

You might be worried about leaving your child with someone else while you attend rehab. It is normal to worry about your kids, especially when they are little. But you must understand that rehab is only a temporary time apart. Taking time to go to rehab is a gift to your children. On top of that, there is the harsh reality of addiction which is if you are struggling with an addiction, you may not be there for your kids right now anyway. Addiction robs us of our relationships, and it can impact our awareness and ability to keep our children safe. Some addictions cause parents to become violent or neglectful. Imagine returning from treatment and becoming the parent your children deserve. A few weeks away will mean that they will have a parent who is more available, more loving and more of a role model than ever. Lead your children by example, encourage them to embrace a better life.

Learn More about Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Show your children you care. We offer a toll-free helpline that is staffed by caring, experienced counselors who can help you figure out the next step. We can help you find the best rehab treatment to fit your needs, such as programs that offer family supportive care and family counseling. Let us help you. Call now.