Using Alcohol to Cope with the Stress of Being a Stay-at-Home Mother

Using Alcohol to Cope with the Stress of Being a Stay-at-Home MotherFrom the moment her eyes open in the morning until she closes them in the evening, a stay at home mother is at work. She ensures that her children are fed, bathed, entertained, educated, socialized and that they exercise. As time-consuming as all of that is, the meals need to be nutritious, the entertainment has to be creative and the education stimulating. The stress of managing these activities is great enough that it can be overwhelming.

Isolation Issues for Stay at Home Mothers

As much as a mother loves her children, there are times that she needs the company of other adults. Mothers need mental stimulation and emotional support from other women. However, when a stay at home mother engages with other women, it is often with other stay at home mothers that she meets at play dates. Instead of being able to relax and converse about interesting topics, the focus of these conversations tends to center on parenting.

Expectations for a Stay at Home Mother

While she and her spouse may have shared household duties in the past, as soon as the home became the woman’s place of work, she took on the additional responsibilities. In fact, one of the stressors that a stay at home mother often feels is that her spouse has a higher expectation of household maintenance than before.

To add insult to injury, other people in the stay at home mother’s life have additional expectations. An in-law may ask the woman to run errands or take her to medical appointments. Neighbors may ask the woman to let in a repair person during the day or check when their children get off the bus in the afternoon. Even the spouse may ask for the woman to pick up the laundry, make some food, prepare an elegant meal for the boss, or a variety of other requests.

Alcohol Is Not the Answer

Many stay at home mothers who feel overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed, evaluated and alone may resort to alcohol in an attempt to change these feelings. Alcohol may temporarily alter a person’s sense of self; however, it causes more troubles than benefits. If you are a stay at home mother and abuse alcohol, this is not an answer to your pain. There are healthier ways to deal with stress, but you may need help accomplishing this.

Alcoholism Help for Stay at Home Mothers

Call our toll-free helpline any time as we are open 24 hours a day. By talking with one of our counselors you can learn better ways to deal with stress and avoid alcohol abuse. Get help today for these issues.