What Are Drunken Gummies?

What Are Drunken Gummies?Drunken gummies are exactly what they sound like. Gummy bears, penguins, worms, rings and all sorts of gummy candy that are soaked and infused with alcohol to create a Jello-type snack that can provide an alcohol-induced buzz very fast. For social events and persons of age, drunken gummies can be a fun way to spice-up the red cup keg party, wine mixer or cocktail party, but these creative, fruity party-pleasers should come with a warning.

The Effects of Drunken Gummies

The dangers of consuming alcohol are well known. The substance has powerful intoxicating effects that can impair decision-making, proper judgment, impulse control and motor coordination. As drunken gummies contain alcohol, individuals are prone to the same risks and dangers of drinking alcohol when they snack on drunken gummies.

What’s more concerning with drunken gummies is that while they seem innocent enough, individuals do not know how much alcohol they are consuming with each gummy. There is no way to determine exactly how much alcohol has soaked into the gummy or how it will interact with the sugar in the candy. Several reports from people eating drunken gummies claim that these snacks will cause intoxication very quickly. It just depends on how long the gummies were soaked in alcohol, the type of alcohol used, how much alcohol was used and the type/size/nutrients of the gummy used. In addition people are often caught off-guard as to how quickly the effects will take form. Having to drink a bottle of beer or cup of alcohol takes much longer than simply throwing a few pieces of candy into one’s mouth. With just a few gummies, an individual can notice an almost immediate buzz. People tend to get drunk very fast when consuming alcohol infused gummies.

Kids Using Alcohol Infused Candy to Get Drunk

Another danger associated with drunken gummies is that under-age individuals are using this method to consume alcohol without getting caught. Kids are able to consume alcohol in classrooms, their houses and out in public because it appears they are only snacking on candy. It is already tough enough for parents and other adults to spot under-aged drinking and address issues that can harm a child’s development and future, but tricky tactics like drunken gummies increase the challenge for parents. Children are even more affected by the effects of alcohol, and the unknown amount of alcohol they are consuming with each gummy candy can cause severe impairment resulting in poor-decisions, blacking out, alcohol poisoning, vehicle accidents, DUI’s, school expulsion, brain damage and more.

Drunken gummies go by several other names. Parents, caretakers and other adults should educate themselves on trends and slang terms for alcohol and other drugs in order to identify these deceiving tactics that may be happening in their homes and communities. The most common type of drunken gummy is the drunk gummy bear. Any gummy that has been soaked in alcohol will appear swollen and much bigger than the average sized gummy. It will also appear to have more of a wet or gelatin appearance than the smooth, solid candy without the booze. Some drunken gummies appear to look slimy and have lost their bold, bright color. Kids are attempting several risky tactics in order to avert the barriers of age, cost and access to get ahold of alcohol. Parents have to stay in-touch with drug abuse trends in order to notice these attempts or become familiar with the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and addiction.

Concerned about Your Child’s Alcohol Use?

If you are concerned about yours or someone else’s child’s alcohol use, our recovery professionals are available 24 hours a day to assist you with your questions, concerns and needed information. Call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about how we can help.