When Should I Tell My Doctor I’m Addicted?

When Should I Tell My Doctor I’m Addicted?People don’t start using or abusing a drug with the intending to become addicted, especially those who begin using a drug prescribed to them for a legitimate medical concern, but this does not make the risk of addiction any less nor does it mean the addict is completely innocent. Addiction is a disease that strips an individual of control; honestly, most addicts would love to quit using if they could, but it has become just as essential for survival as eating or breathing. But before the point of addiction, all individuals come to a point where they have the conscious decision to correct their behavior or get help.

Recreational drug users know that their initial decision to abuse drugs or alcohol risks addiction and a palette of other problems and ultimately make the decision to increase their dosage or frequency, continue use after prescribed and so on. As embarrassing or intimidating as it may seem, individuals have the opportunity to correct their initial bad decisions to abuse or misuse drugs by admitting to addiction concerns as soon as possible.

How Can Your Doctor Help you With Addiction Concerns?

Addiction can transpire so quickly, and as soon as one suspects they may have a substance abuse problem, physical dependency or actual addiction, they should seek help immediately. Telling a doctor is a good option for those with concerns about substance abuse or addiction. Doctors do not play parent, law enforcement, or critic, they play doctor. Doctors are trained to spot and identify addiction and the issues that lead up to addiction. They can help with physical withdrawal symptoms and direct individuals to the appropriate treatment; whether it be simply tapering the individual from a drug to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms or directing them to more serious addiction treatment.

Drug abuse and addiction can cause serious havoc to the brain and body, and medical attention is a must for anyone ready to quit using a drug or alcohol they may be dependent upon. Doctors will know what questions to ask to determine the level of care and treatment the concerned individual needs, but it is imperative that the individual be completely honest with their physician. There is zero point to lying, and it could lead to very serious and life-threatening issues for the concerned individual. Talking to a doctor or other recovery professional as soon as possible can save individuals from a life of devastation and destruction.

Talk to Someone about Your Addiction Concerns

If you are concerned that you may be on your way, or already have, to developing addiction, you do not have to battle with worries, fears, and questions on your own. If you would like to speak to someone about your addiction concerns, you can call our toll-free, confidential helpline today, and a trained addiction counselor will be happy to help. Addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and whether you have questions and concerns, need information, or are ready to find addiction help today, they are happy to assist you. It is understandable that you may be afraid or embarrassed to talk to someone you know about this issue, but keeping quiet will only take you down a road that will make your addiction struggle so apparent that everyone knows your secret. No judgment, criticism, or questioning here; we are strictly available to offer our caring, helping hand.