Why More Women are Getting Substance Abuse Help

Why more women are getting substance abuse helpMore women are seeking help for addiction and substance abuse than ever before. This growing trend may not be a reflection of rising addiction rates: rather, it may be an indication that the stigma associated with rehab is finally going away. Join the movement for better living and find out how rehab treatment can help save the lives of you and your family.

There Are Specialty Treatment Programs for Women Available

Anybody will tell you that women operate differently from men. Many rehab programs now understand these differences and are offering some extra help geared toward becoming woman-friendly, including

  • Counseling for women by women—newer programs offer female counselors who understand and specialize in women’s issues
  • Specialty trauma treatment—women who struggle with addiction are more likely than men to have experienced traumatic situations like assault, rape and more. Specialty trauma programs help treat the trauma associated with addiction.
  • Nutritionally sound treatment—modern treatment programs now help treat the body from the inside out for complete wellness. Some luxury treatment programs now offer chef-prepared, organic meals and other ways to kick-start your new healthy life.
  • Treatment for stress and depression—many women struggle with the stress of careers, families and more. Sometimes they self-medicate to help treat depression or anxiety or other issues like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other mental health issues. Integrated treatment and Dual Diagnosis treatment work to treat substance abuse and mental health issues at the same time, helping to ensure wellness and prevent relapse.

Gender Differences in Substance Abuse

In many cases, women work hard to hide their substance abuse and alcohol consumption. Because women tend to abuse substances while they are alone, women do not often get the help or support they need for wellness.

There are also other factors that affect women more than men, such as fertility and health issues, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder related to abusive relationships or trauma. These factors contribute to women building up a substance addiction very quickly.

Women also become very talented at hiding substance abuse and mental health issues. In some cases, even close friends and family members may not know about the addiction behavior or the emotional issues at play.

Unfortunately, because women are often the family caretakers and the primary emotional support for children, addiction in women can cause many family problems and ailments. Children are greatly affected by their mother’s addiction, and addiction can tear families apart. Women who are caring for children or older family members may be putting those family members in danger by caring for them while intoxicated. When female caretakers are addicted, it can cause many problems and pains for both the woman and her family.

Find Substance Abuse Help Now

There is some good news: when women seek substance abuse treatment, they are often more open to change and the supportive environment that rehab can provide. Rehab addiction treatment can help you and your family, too.

Let us help you find the treatment you need. We offer a full staff of helpful admissions counselors who can help you learn more about rehab and the treatment process. You can request a female admissions counselor as well, if you would like. We can even help you work with your insurance company to get your treatment covered by insurance.

Our helpline is toll-free and operated 24 hours a day. We always take your privacy very seriously. Call now to learn how we can assist you.