Will Alcohol Rehab Help Me Regain Child Custody?

Will Alcohol Rehab Help Me Regain Child Custody?When a child is removed from the custody of his or her parents due to addiction issues, the goal is always to reunite them once the parent is capable of effective parenting. It is difficult or impossible for an alcoholic to quit drinking and to stay clean without professional help making alcohol rehab programs an excellent resources for parents who wish to regain custody of their children.

The Benefits of Alcohol Rehabilitation

Most people will try to quit drinking on their own several times without succeeding. Relapse is common among individuals who do not complete professional rehab programs. This is because the psychological power of alcohol addiction is much stronger than the rational thoughts or desires of the addict. Lasting recovery requires intensive rehabilitation. Courts and child protective services understand this and will often require successful completion of a recognized rehab program before they will reestablish child custody.

No one can force a person to quit drinking. Your recovery will require your own full focus, participation and effort toward your treatment plan. If you are ready to make your alcohol dependency a thing of the past, you must acknowledge that you have a problem and that you need help. If you accept the help offered through rehab you will greatly increase the likelihood that you will get clean, stay clean, and regain child custody.

Find Alcohol Rehabilitation and Learn More about Child Custody

If you are ready to end your addiction to alcohol and to start the process of getting your family back together, please call our toll-free helpline today. We are here to answer your questions about recovery and custody and can connect you with the best rehab program for your specific needs. Your children deserve to be with the best you. Call today.