Women and Alcohol Addiction

Women and Alcohol AddictionIt’s just the biological truth that men and women are unequal when it comes to alcohol. While most studies show evidence that men are more likely to drink alcohol and consume alcohol in larger quantities, women experience harsher consequences from drinking alcohol, even if they drink less often and consumer smaller amounts than their male counterparts.

Women are more affected by alcohol. A female body’s chemical structure causes women to absorb more alcohol than a male body does. In addition, a female’s metabolic rate is slower than a male’s, meaning it takes much longer for a female body to break down the toxins in alcohol and remove the toxins from the system. These biological differences among gender make women more susceptible to both the short-term and long-term effects of drinking alcohol.

While both men and women have their own reasons behind their decision to use alcohol, women are more affected by the drug. No matter what her reasoning is, a woman is more vulnerable to alcohol addiction than a man since her body will develop tolerance and dependence faster than most men. With the number of women drinking alcohol now higher than ever before, the many risks of alcohol consumption, including alcohol addiction, are also more present than ever.

Why Are So Many Women Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol use among women is continuing to rise. The number of women arrested for drunken driving has risen by 30 percent. The number of women seen in emergency rooms related to alcohol intoxication has risen by 52 percent, and the rate of binge drinking among women of all ages is at a steady incline. While it seems that male consumption rates of alcohol have remained fairly steady, something must be happening for women to be reaching for bottles of wine, passing the flask at parties, and bringing a six-pack over to girls’ night.

For starters, the current cultural environment advocates human rights and equality. Women feel they are on the same playing field as men more than ever before, and this can make females more confident to drink and have a good time just like “the guys.” The media and celebrities also influence how a woman should spend her social time. Nowadays, women think it is perfectly normal to self-medicate with a glass of wine or cocktail because it is the trend displayed by reality housewives, sitcom stars, and other entertainers. While wanting to party or improve a social engagement with alcohol is still a major reason why women drink, alcohol is now being used to de-stress from all of the roles and responsibilities of a woman, mother, employee, housewife, and spouse. In today’s society, women are taking on more and more responsibility, wanting to conquer it all. To alleviate stress, emotional pain, physical pain symptoms, and other life problems, alcohol has become the go-to solution.

Treatment Options Available for Women Addicted to Alcohol

There are several treatment opportunities available for women struggling with an addiction to alcohol, including programs and facilities that strictly cater to the particular needs of women, even some that are for women only. If you are ready to hear more about your options for treating alcohol addiction, please call our toll-free number and speak with one of our recovery professionals today. Our recovery professionals are available 24 hours a day to help. Whether you have questions, need information or are ready to find the programs and services that will work for you, we can help. Recovery professionals are ready to speak with you, so pick up the phone and call one today.