Women, Rape and Addiction Awareness

Women, Rape and Addiction AwarenessThere are many ways in which drug abuse and addiction can lead to or increase the chance of rape. Addiction in both men and women can lead to an increased risk of the rape of women as well as an increased risk of other forms of abuse. Awareness of the role that addiction can play in instances of rape can help women to avoid situations that can put them at increased risk and could help to lower the incidence of rape.

Addiction in Men as a Risk Factor for Rape

Drug addiction can lead to impaired judgment and impulsive, irrational and even violent behavior. Substance abuse and intoxication can increase the likelihood of antisocial behavior in persons who would not be inclined to it otherwise and can trigger this behavior in persons who are predisposed. Furthermore addiction is often a manifestation of deeper psychological issues that may also lead to an increased proclivity for violent acts. For example a man who is struggling with issues related to abuse, neglect or abandonment by a female may seek escape from emotional pain in drug abuse. He may also be impelled to act out in violent ways including rape while intoxicated. This is especially true in cases of addiction where chronic intoxication leads to permanently impaired judgment and altered brain function. This explanation is not meant to excuse violent behavior but merely to increase awareness of possible situational triggers that may induce violent behavior.

Certain drugs are more likely than others to increase the propensity for violence. Alcohol impairs judgment, while stimulants such as cocaine or crystal meth tend to induce aggressive behavior. Stimulants and alcohol used together can lead to behavior that is seemingly psychotic.

Addiction in Women as a Risk Factor for Rape

While not every man is a potential rapist, every woman is a potential victim of rape. Addiction leads to chronic intoxication and impaired judgment in women just as it does in men. One major difference is that impaired judgment in a woman may cause her to put herself in dangerous situations that can end in rape. In her intoxicated state she simply may be unaware of the presence of danger. Addictive behavior may include taking unusual risks in order to procure drugs such as visiting a dangerous part of town alone and at night. Female drug users are likely to associate with other drug users who may be more inclined to rape. In extreme cases a female addict may prostitute herself to support her habit or because of financial desperation caused by addiction and may become a victim of sexual assault.

Need to Talk to Someone about Addiction or Rape?

If you would like to learn more about the role of addiction in violent crime or how experiencing violent crime can lead to drug abuse or addiction, call our toll-free helpline. We are confidential, caring and professional listeners, and we can provide help finding treatment for addiction or therapy for managing past traumatic experiences. Our number is toll free, and we are available 24 hours a day. You are not alone.